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In the end, it all comes together.


But let me start with a quote:

"Mild success can be explainable by skills and labor. Wild success is attributable to variance."


- Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I fully subscribe to this quote and hence all we do here is about supporting "skills" and "labor" while giving "variance" a chance. If you like, exchange the word "variance" with "Lady Fortuna" or simply "luck",  it doesn't matter much. Whatever you do, you cannot force it, you can only give it the chance.

So, how do I support "skills" and "labour"? It is all about the right questions. You will find the answer then by yourself. No one knows your industry better than you do. No one knows you better than you do. No one knows your company better than you do. But do you ask the right questions? Do you talk to the right people who ask the right questions? Or is it all around you fluffy, or even outright negative only? "Nay" sayers are not asking questions, they simply assume you will fail in the end anyway. "Haters" will even actively push to make you fail either directly by their actions or indirectly by their talks. Friends and Family do either simply not understand what you are up to or would you rather take a salaried job and work your life up the career ladder.  Lets get more to the point.:

  • How do you ensure to bring your personal life into the right direction? 

  • How do you combine your personal life and your business life and make it one rather than 2 separate entities?

  • How do you ensure your business takes off, respectively growth constantly further and conquers new markets and new segments?

  • How do you change yourself and/or a whole corporate organisation to achieve your goals?

There are no silver bullets out here. It depends on many aspects in life and business strategy. Hence, I will not promise you a simple solution. I promise you a hard and constant push while asking the right questions over and over again till we find the right answers. After this I will push you again, out of your comfort zone, day by day, week by week and month by month. Till you are up where you belong, till at least "skill" and "labor" did hit you while giving "variance" a chance any time of the day.

Why do I call it "unplugged"? Simple, you will get "unplugged" feedback and "unplugged" questions. Enjoy the journey.

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