• Niels Strohkirch

When you climb the highest mountain!

On the top of the world 🌎 at least that’s what it felt like...😎 Actually, I was only at the highest point of the German Alps, the Zugspitze at 2,962m. The highest point of the Alps is the Mont Blanc with 4,810m. A dwarf compared to the highest mountain in the world, the Mount Everest with 8,848m.

Niels Strohkirch at Zugspitze

Life is pretty much like climbing mountains. When you reached one peak, you figure out that there is an even higher peak. In any case, before you reach the next higher peak, you have to go back through another valley. It goes down before it goes up again. People who always reach the next top without reaching another valley in between have the risk of start climbing on a mountain that actually does not exist. Inevitably the motivation to peak again is gone!

Niels Strohkirch "On The Top Of The World"

Then you climb the highest mountain in the world, just to find out that there’s already a que there before you! And then what... ? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Just like the mountains 🏔, accept that life has it’s peaks and valleys. Most often than not you will need to go through another valley to reach the next peak.

Enjoy the journey, embrace the challenges, and whatever happens to you, know that you will be happy. You will see that the next valley you reach is less deeper than the one you before. You will feel more manageable with it. If you start complaining & grumbling even when you reach a higher peak you will not appreciate that this peak is actually higher than the one before. Embrace challenges in life, it will make you stronger & durable!💪🏻


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