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Unplugged with Niels with Marko Kesti

Marko is a adjunct professor at Lapland University, specialized at HRM-Performance. He is also the CEO at PlayGain Inc that produce AI simulation learning games for leadership development further he is the EVP at Mcompetence that is providing tools and services for organization employee performance development. He has done his doctoral thesis at administration name "The Tacit Signal Method in Effective Human- based Organization Performance Development". Further, he have written several books dealing with organization performance analyzing and development and his research is focusing on analyzing and improving human capital business value. He have created new Human Capital Production Function to analyze human capital economical value and Quality of Working life connection to human performance. His latest research deals with management game theory and Artificial Intelligence methodology for leadership development and Employee Performance Analytics Simulation. Specialties: Tacit knowledge measurement Human resource management and HRM-P EPM, Enteprize and Employee Performance Management Competence measurement Change management Innovation management Organization productivity and performance development

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