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Unplugged with Niels - How to become a successful Radio Host - Freda Liu's life journey

It was a pleasure to host radio host, radio producer, Emcee, writer and success woman Freda Liu at Ruyi Restaurant at Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC).

Freda is sharing very openly her life success stories and her life struggles. An amazing woman who got out of every challenge stronger and stronger. That is what makes her ver special. resilience and the willingness to follow your dreams can be heard all over the interview while still enjoying life and taking care of her family as single mom. Was it always easy? Tune in to learn more.

Freda's achievements:


Her career in PR grew simultaneously with her life in radio and TV from presenting the news, to hosting live TV shows for over two decades. Now with podcasts and videos, the medium may have changed but Freda still loves the art and skills behind the audio and visual channels.


With five books under her belt including a biography, she explores the intricacies of business from start-ups, marketing, women in business and now to personal growth. She also blogs (not regularly enough!) and contributes articles to magazines.

Emcee | Host

A regular emceeing and moderating corporate events from start-ups, financial institutions to technology companies, Freda breaks down the intricacies of business to the audience. She also does voice overs for corporate videos and documentaries.

Speaker | Moderator

Having done the gamut in communications from working in PR to the opposite end in media, Freda shares her experiences in voice, media, PR to empowerment.

Special Thanks to Ruyi Restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Center

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