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Sharesz T. Wilkinson in Unplugged with Niels

‘You empower ambitious individuals and companies on how to solve their f*ing problems and get their sh*t together to make things work. No BS, no fluff."

Sharesz is an amazing woman and so much to share. Some of her achievements:

Member of Forbes Councils, an invite-only community for senior business leaders offering the latest knowledge of their industry to create a bigger impact.

Executive Communication Expert - The SpeechImprovement Company

She delivers customized keynote presentations, group training programs and one-on-one coaching sessions.

She represents The Speech Improvement Company in SE-Asia. TSIC is one of the most experienced speech firms in the world, having trained over one million people globally, including some of the biggest names in business, politics, and entertainment – boosting productivity, profitability and life quality through professionally improved communication.

Their clients range from those who lead the planet to those who lead a small team! From the WHITE HOUSE to HARVARD University and MIT, from APPLE Computer to IBM, from PETRONAS, TNB, and Forrester Research to Bain Capital, from The Boston Celtics to The NEW YORK GIANTS, and FORTUNE 100 companies, our clients range from large corporations and small companies to universities and individuals wanting to professionally increase their communication skills level.

Contact her:

Special thanks to Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur for hosting us.

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