• Niels Strohkirch

Keep Moving

We all get worried in live...once in a while....looking at other people...how much have they achieved ...how little, we feel, have we achieved....we know nothing about the other one we look at,  but we make assumptions. How easy and how much they achieved in a short period of time. Do you know that feeling?

It does not matter how much or how little others have achieved in comparison to you. The only thing that matters is you and whether you found some goodness or happiness in live.

Just keep moving and live will unfold. Do not chase it as it will consume you. You may find fame, richness or even both. But none of it will may fulfil you for long, It actually can become a curse. As you always will find someone who has even more richness or fame or both. At least from your point of view.

Keep moving!

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