• Niels Strohkirch

German Actor Heinz Hoenig visits Niels Strohkirch & Kinslager

He was in town to shoot for the German version of "Love Boat" - "Traumschiff".

I had the chance to meet him in the residence of the German Ambassador Dr Gruber who did invite for a reception. As he hinted that he needs a suit and wanted to buy some spices, I spontaneously invited him to see a bit of non-touristic KL and hop by our Kinslager outlet. It was a fun day.

From left: Dr Gruber, Heinz Hoenig, Niels Stroh

Heinz Hoenig (born 24 September 1951) is a German actor who participated in over 100 feature films and TV productions. Probably his most famous movie was Das Boot (directed by Wolfgang Petersen).

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