• Niels Strohkirch

Do Not Be Owned

It is the constant chase to buy a new and bigger car, a bigger house, a more expensive vacation. The latest smart phone and a luxury watch. The yacht is next! After this the private jet.

As soon as you “own” it....it means nothing much anymore. You chase the next thing. And worst scenario, you purchase all this on bank loan or credit card loan. Slowly but surely the monthly installment payments start to become a burden. On top, your bonus halved, as sales was not as good as forecasted. You are screwed and all these things start to own you. You just run around to pay back. You feel terrible.

Stop buying things who could own you in the future. You make good money ? Cool. You may buy a small Merc or BMW (ideally not even that!). But no Bentley or Rolls Royce. Otherwise go with something smaller or abandon it and go with car hailing only. It makes you free!

No one will judge you on your last day on how much you earned and how much you own. None of this can be taken with you. Decide how you want to be remembered by your friends and family.


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