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Updated: Jan 2, 2022

The world is undergoing a global crisis in education. The traditional education system is broken, and the traditional method of teaching needs a major overhaul. Is education supposed to stimulate critical thinking, or is its goal to produce future employees? What does a parent do to ensure that their children become successful in life and are equipped to be productive in a world in which AI is set to take over a lot of the human workload?

Bulletproof Strategies:How Your Kids Can Learn to Outsmart Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Secure Success in an Ever-Changing World will guide you to make the best decision with regards to education for your children and your family. You will be introduced to self-directed learning, Socratic discussion, how to be a guide for your children in their education, critical thinking, and building your own economy among many other topics. You will learn how your children can use, co-exist, and outsmart AI.

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